RCNC Recovery Podcast J3 (12): Beverly J. Haberle - “Jail, institutionalizations, lobotomy, oh my. Or not! A pathway of hope is revealed.”

September 26, 2017

Chris Budnick, Executive Director of the Healing Transitions of Raleigh, interviews Bev Haberle at the Philadelphia Recovery Community Center. Bev is the Executive Director of the The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania Inc. For the past 12 years, Ms. Haberle has been the Project Director for the Pennsylvania Recovery Organization/Achieving Community Together (PRO-ACT), a grass roots organization mobilizing the recovering community family members and other interested advocates.

Betty tells her story of recovery initiation in the 1970’s where a pathway to recovery was still a frontal lobotomy for people with a Substance Use Disorder. She tells how through the help of her community and with the support of her parents she able to engage with a mutual aid group to help her become well; instead of the drastic option a year-long psychiatric hospital with a one year waiting list or a very expedient lobotomy. Luckily, Bev was connected with a community based/mutual aid group that allowed her to find her life-long pathway of recovery. Chris and Bev further discuss her life mission to help people find their own personal pathway of recovery with options and compassion.

Bev further talks about PRO-ACT and their role in helping with advocacy work with Southeast Pennsylvania. She talked about how PRO-ACT helped to legitimize people with lived experience as mentors and advocates for people suffering with an SUD. Bev reveals her super power to Chris Budnick; assertive continuum of care that recognizes that recovery support services are a vital part of the recovery process.