December 21, 2016

Chris interviews Kristen Harper, then Executive Director of Association of Recovery Schools. Who knew that this podcast interview would lead to a job interview? Kristen has since become our Executive Director and we’re so happy she’s here. We invited her down from Colorado to be a lead panelist for our Generation Found theatrical screening, August 31st 2016. This crucial documentary about recovery high schools in Houston, TX is created by Greg Williams who brought us the pivotal film The Anonymous People. We’re excited to benefit from her leadership and experience as we encourage North Carolinians to mobilize a recovery schools movement.

Kristen and Chris share how their pathways to recovery began in college and how each of them owes their feeling of connectedness, crucial to success in early recovery, to chance encounters with individuals on campus who were open about their recovery status. These fortunate experiences occurred before the advent of collegiate recovery programs, which now ensure that getting connected to communities of recovery on college campuses is no longer left to luck.

Kristen used to be on the Recovery Africa board on which Chris still serves. She recounts how impactful her visits to Ghana have been. We have several interviews related to Recovery Africa in the can for future podcasts, including road trips with Edwin Ahadzie & Dan O’Laughlin. Chris just got back from an epic visit to Ghana, participating in their rally for recovery. RCNC may be sending a very lucky lad to Ghana next year to teach NC CCAR Recovery Coach Academy. We’ll keep you posted.