RCNC Recovery Podcast J3 (13): Fred Martin – “From a Chrysler to Cadillac, Fred Martin’s recovery initiation in 1979 to his actualization in 2016.”

September 26, 2017

Chris Budnick, Executive Director of the Healing Transitions of Raleigh, interviews Fred Martin while driving in Fred’s Caddy. Fred is the Project Coordinator for the Philadelphia’s Recovery Community Center - Recovery Training Center.

PRO-ACT puts a face and voice on community recovery which brings a transitional message about recovery. Fred found his home at PRO-ACT as a place that is more than just a meeting and more of a movement and community of mobilized citizens within the recovery community.

Fred started at PRO-ACT as a volunteer in the public policy community helping people get registered for the program and engage in other activities such as helping participants vote.

Chris and Fred discuss the Philly recovery walk with 25,000 plus people. Fred gets emotional thinking about the amount of people engaging in the recovery walk. He talks about the number of families and allies that has joined the walk is staggering over the years. He says that the transition of the walk is an awesome experience. They also talk about how recovery isn’t just possible but it becomes a reality with the help and support of the community. Chris and Fred talk about the great things happening in recovery in Philly, where to get a good cheese stake, stand out statues in the area and dig deeper into the details of the happenings at the 2016 recovery walk.